About Power Up Illinois

Renewable energy is helping Illinois communities secure their own economic future.

Our growing national leadership in wind and renewable generation has meant a stronger tax base for communities and schools, new revenue for family farms and landowners, and cleaner, more affordable energy for Illinois’ economy.

As a national leader in operating wind projects, investment in renewables is helping Illinois secure a new era of energy leadership. We benefit not only from the direct jobs supported by wind farm construction and ongoing operations, but also from our strong wind energy supply chain. That means much of the investment in wind farms stays right here in Illinois, supporting our local manufacturers. 

But Illinois is just getting started, and we must continue growing with wind power to remain competitive in the modern economy.

 Power Up Illinois was created to organize, inform, and support pro-growth stakeholders across Illinois that recognize and value these benefits. 

With 30 new wind projects under construction or proposed across the state, wind energy investment will continue to create substantial value in Illinois communities in the years ahead. With the right support, wind can truly power Illinois’ future.

Join Power Up Illinois and help drive clean growth for your community today!

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