Illinois Wind and Solar Energy News

Stay up to date on wind energy’s impact in Illinois.

“Oil Jobs Are Big Risk, Big Pay. Free Energy Offers Stability and Passion” by Camlia Domonoske

“Illinois Assistant Majority Leader, Will Davis and Illinois Sate Representatives Announce New Diversity and Equity Plan for Renewable Energy, Urge Legislation to Fix Funding Crisis” by Danielle Sanders

“Gov. Pritzker promised clean energy, but only 3 states mined more coal than Illinois in 2019” by Michael Hawthorne

“Illinois bishops supporting clean energy legislation” by Michelle Martin

“Texas company to close all of its Illinois coal-fired power plants, another sign the global transition to clean energy is accelerating” by Michael Hawthorne

The Illinois Manufacturer, “Growing your business With wind energy,” by Robert Scott, Executive Director of Power Up Iowa, (page 15)

“Illinois Governor Pritzker Issues Significant Energy Policy Proposals” by Quarles & Brady, LLP

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